Saturday, February 12, 2011

this and that

Haven't found time to scan my new fabrics, but hopefully tomorrow... I really, really want to start redoing the FaeryFire site; it's been so sadly neglected.

My big adventure today was going in search of Kate's shoe. Yesterday, we went to Michaels to pick up a few things (well, it was supposed to just be an antique silver chain, and they didn't have the right kind, but lo and behold I managed to find a few other things I just had to have), and when we got home I noticed Kate was missing one of her little shoes. How I got her into the carseat without noticing that is beyond me. Anyway, I called Michaels and they confirmed that they had the runaway shoe, and promised to hold it for me because I said I couldn't come in til the next day. Fast forward to today - we go to Michaels (just to get her shoe, of course, and I have NO IDEA how those items snuck into my cart, nor did I have any control over the weird seizure that caused my hand to whip out my debit card), and I ask about the shoe...and get a blank look. Nobody there knows anything about a shoe. They offered to look for it. I thanked them and waited. Nope, no shoe. I explained that the girl on the phone had verified it was there just the day before, and received a blank stare. I was then asked if it was a baby shoe. This is after I had told them that it was Kate's shoe that was missing, gesturing to Kate, who was resting on my hip doing a remarkable impersonation of a baby. I confirmed that yes, it was indeed a baby's shoe, and not my own, that I had come looking for. I asked them to look again. They did. No shoe. Sigh. By this point, my arms were tired because Kate was getting heavy (not the bag, because I didn't get that much stuff) (really) (well, okay, I did, but it was lightweight stuff), so I thanked them and left. We now have one slightly scuffed black shoe. At least it was the pair I bought her, and not her cute converse sneakers that hubby bought her, or the impractical little brown ones with the pink butterflies that don't match anything but are so cute.

Speaking of baby shoes, the last time Kate and I flew to Texas, they told me I had to remove her shoes when we went through security. For some reason that struck me as really funny. She wasn't even walking yet, but I had to take her little shoes (the brown and pink ones!) off before we went through the xray thingummy.

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