Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday, someone bought one of my soulbound bracelets and sent me a very nice note saying how much she liked the bracelet, and could I please ship it to her new address? I wrote back and said of course I'd be happy to, etc. And then I shipped it today, to the old address, because I forgot that she'd written. So now I have to make a new bracelet, get it shipped tomorrow and hope it still gets there in time for Valentine's Day, and then write her and tell her what an idiot I am.


Then, tonight, someone purchased one of my soulbound rings and added a note asking for it to be personalized with extra initials, which is something I offered in the listing for $2 extra. I wrote to say of course I'd be happy to, etc, and refunded her payment, then sent a revised invoice. Except that she made the original payment using a credit card without an actual PayPal account, and she accidentally put down the wrong email address, so she didn't receive any kind of notification from Paypal and I have no way to 'prove' that I refunded her money (at least, I don't think I do...I don't really know how all that works, or if her refund will show up on her account right away), so of course she hasn't paid the revised invoice. I think this will end up being a lost sale, but I'm not sure how else I should've handled it...the refund/revised invoice has always worked smoothly in the past.

Sigh, again.

It could be worse...I could be making no sales at all, and then I wouldn't have any shipping or payment problems to whine about.

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