Monday, February 7, 2011

new wrist wraps

Back to the topic of being overextended and having too many shops... the thing is, if one of my shops were clearly the most successful, it would be a simple matter to focus most of my energies there, but just as I start believing that one thing is going to be the best investment of my time, I suddenly make a nice sale, or a couple of sales in a row, from another shop and have to go back and rethink my strategy.

The past few weeks, I've been focused primarily on my hand-stamped jewelry and my soaps, etc. And it's true that both are doing pretty well. But then yesterday, I made two sales from my SeeThatGirl etsy shop (and one of them was for three pieces!). So, I certainly don't want to just let that shop fade away, and not just because my wrist wraps have done pretty well -- I really enjoy making jewelry, and I especially love making my wrist wraps.

Here are the two new ones I added to my shop today. The lavender one is a duplicate of one of the ones that sold yesterday; the orange is new.

I am temporarily without a model, as Miko is in Arkansas all week with her dad (and I'm not going to put my pretty wraps on my chubby wrist), but I think I did a fairly good job with the pics. Here's the direct link to my SeeThatGirl shop:

I have two more wraps that I need to photograph and post, but I am out of silk and waiting for more to come in, so I think I'll work on some other jewelry. I have some new pretty yarn in and want to make another crochet/macrame bracelet...maybe I'll get to that tomorrow...

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  1. The orange and the lavender are GORGEOUS! I just CAN'T decide which is the most beautiful. I stayed up all night trying to make up my mind.