Friday, February 11, 2011


Dyed up a little batch of fabric today...a few pieces for orders, and then a couple of sample pieces for some new 'favorites' on FaeryFire. I'm really hoping to have the site updated this month with all of my new colors, most of which I haven't even gotten around to adding to the site yet. I got some new dyes in from Dharma and the colors are really nice, especially the two purples: eggplant and lilac. I have to be careful when dyeing that I don't just dye up a bunch of purple and green fabrics (well, and brown; I really love brown), since I always think they look the prettiest.

I also dyed up a few lengths of silk for more wrist wraps. I ordered some different types of silk fabric and can't wait to see how they turn out. I may end up liking one of them better than the dupioni, though the dupioni really is very well suited to the wraps. One of the new types is an extra-nubbly silk (I've gone blank on the name) that I think will look very interesting.

Will post scans of the fabric tomorrow, hopefully.

Oh, and I got my printer set up! Hubby's sick so I set it up all by my little self, even connecting it wirelessly, so I feel intelligent and accomplished. Go me.

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