Friday, June 12, 2009

I can't believe that I've gone nearly two months without posting! Well, I'll blame it on all the busyness of moving in, plus being sick for several weeks (still not up to par, but at least I'm functioning again).

I have FINALLY gotten back to stitching. It seemed that one thing or another kept interfering or taking precedence, plus I didn't really have a stitching corner set up (still don't alas), and finally a couple of weeks ago I'd had enough, so I hauled out Gypsy and put in a few stitches. I haven't gotten much done since then, but most days I try to get at least 30 minutes in. Since one of my 2009 goals is to finish her, I'd better get cracking! The most recent pic is over on the right side of my blog. I think I'll work on her for another few weeks and then pull out Marked One again.

Speaking of HAED charts, a lovely stitcher in Italy is going to be stitching a Hannah Disney fairy on one of my hand-dyed fabrics! I told her that she absolutely MUST send me pictures; I'm really excited.