Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a busy day in metal-stamping land...

Got some new blanks in yesterday, so I had to make some new items! I've bought blanks from several sellers on etsy and have been pleased with all of them, but for my bracelet and ring blanks I'm sticking with Liz at gottagettadeal (no, not affiliated with her and she has no idea I'm posting this), because her blanks are pre-finished, which saves me time, and good quality.

I had a customer ask a few days ago if I had any thinner rings in stock, so I decided it'd be a good idea to get some thinner blanks. And by thinner I mean narrower - these are heavy gauge blanks and not nearly as easy to curve into shape as the ones I've been using! But they look great, I think.

Here's one of the new ones:

It's a magic ring! (Yes, it really does say 'my magic ring'). Here's the description/story behind it, copied (yes, I'm too lazy to rewrite it) from my shop: A nifty ring made from bright, shiny aluminum, hand-stamped with the phrase 'MY MAGIC RING'. Here's the inspiration behind this one (no, it's not just my usual nerdiness): years ago - more years than I care to count - I attended a gaming convention and was given a very thin, rustic handmade sterling silver ring by one of the artisans manning a booth there. We'd been players together in a D&D tournament, and his character had stolen my character's ring of invisibility, and I guess he felt he had to make it up to me. Anyway, I ran into the ring again a couple of years ago when we moved; I'd forgotten all about it, and it took me a long time to remember what it was -- I just knew instinctively that it was important for some reason. Once I remembered, it really cheered me up and brought back a lot of fun memories.

Okay, so maybe it is my usual nerdiness...regardless, my magic ring has given me a lot of happiness, and it occurred to me that not everyone has a thief-turned-artisan hanging around waiting to present them with a magic ring, so I offer this one up for your magical shopping pleasure. It's aluminum, not sterling silver, but on the plus side, you'll never forget its purpose.

I also made another Mischief Managed ring and an Expecto Patronum ring, and a soulbound ring (World of Warcraft thing).

Speaking of WoW, if you go to google and type in 'soulbound bracelet' in the search and then click 'shopping', you will pull up only two listings for a soulbound bracelet in the entire google universe. And one of them's mine. I feel quite exalted.

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