Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new shop

So I really felt that I'd reached my limit of new etsy shops and wouldn't be opening more, but it's sort of an addiction, you know -- and anyway, in this case I really do feel that I needed to open a new one. My hand stamped jewelry has basically taken over Eclectic Garden, and it's doing so well that I feel justified in giving it its own home.

Yes, this means I now have ten shops (but only seven are mine exclusively).

I had hoped to name this one "clever little fox", but some mean, nasty and hateful lowlife stole that name long before I ever thought of it, so I had to come up with something else. I finally settled on "foxwise". I hpe I don't grow to dislike it, the way I got sick of tinybird's name about two days after setting up that shop. But I love foxes (& did even before they were "in") so I think I'll stay happy with it. Here's the shop (though only a few items there as of yet): f o x w i s e

I need to add another etsy mini or two to the sidebar here. Not one for every shop, because that would be excessive and weird and a little embarrassing, but at least one more.

The Buggle is still feeling under the weather! I thought it was from her shots last week, but if she's still sick tomorrow I'm calling the doctor. She's supposed to go to her My Gym class (we just signed her up) tomorrow afternoon but she can't go if she has a fever. : (

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