Thursday, February 10, 2011


After yesterday's customer troubles (I guess I did lose the sale because I never heard back from the customer), I was expecting today to be a bit brighter. But just as I was printing out a tutorial for my sugar scrub kit, my printer died. And I don't mean it had a small hiccup or got a little tetchy -- I mean it died. With one of those errors that Canon says means you have to take it in to be serviced.

Well, I've had this printer for about five years now, so I've gotten my money's worth; I decided it was time to retire the old workhorse and get a new one. So, what could have been a really rotten day turned into a pretty good one, because now I have a brand shiny new Canon all-in-one printer, which is extremely cool because I've wanted a copier for AGES (can we talk about how much of a pain it is to use a scanner as a copier?). The scanner won't be much help because I've already got a good one that I use frequently for my fabric, and it's bigger than the one on my new printer. But the copier is cool. At least, I presume it will be - I haven't set it up yet, and now I'm sleepy so I'll probably wait til tomorrow.

I'd complain about how living with a toddler (though I am clinging on to her babyhood for as long as I can, since Kate still seems like a baby to me even though she's charging around the house at full speed) causes one to be boring and go to bed early, but the truth is that I like going to bed early, because it means I can get up at 4 or 5 in the morning, which I've always loved to do. I even went to bed early and got up early when I was in high school. My mom says I'm a little old lady, and I suppose I am, though the little part isn't very accurate, and will be even less so if I don't stop stealing Kate's animal cookies.

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