Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Mother's Arms

I decided to pull out A Mother's Arms again and work on it for a while. I now have only 14 weeks until my due date, so I think it's probably not realistic to expect her to be done by the time our daughter is born (especially since I have ornaments to stitch, and I know I'll want to work on something else soon), but hope springs eternal! Anyway, it'll be good to get some more done on her, as I didn't have much more than her face, her gown bodice and the baby's face done.
I've put off working on her because she was first started two years ago, a week or so before our first miscarriage, and I guess a part of me felt superstitious about starting on her again. The weird thing is that when I opened up my little stitching book to record my stitching time, I realized that I was starting her exactly two years to the day since I last put her down. I'm glad that at the time, I didn't realize what a long wait we had before us.
I don't have a progress pic to post yet, but I'm having a lot of fun working on her, especially because this chart is perfectly suited to making little changes here and there. I'm not really doing a conversion per se, but I'm not stitching the background because she's being done on a gorgeous opalescent (not one of mine - a Silkweaver), and I'm changing a few little things, like the color of her hair and such. I also changed her hands somewhat, because they looked a little clawlike to me. And I added lavender blending filament to the crescent moon to make it sparkly. You can never have enough sparkle!
Here's the original design for those not familiar with it:

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  1. That's a beautiful design. And such a special occassion to stitch it for. I'm sad for your loss, but happy that you can pick it up again. In any case, I can imagine it will be a special project for you.