Thursday, September 24, 2009

what to do, what to do...

So I've been plugging away happily on Fairy Flora, but I don 't think I'm going to push through to a finish this time, as I still have quite a ways to go. I'm starting to get that vague, itchy 'time to stitch on something else' feeling, and I can't decide what should be next. Probably, I'll do a couple of ornaments (I really need to quit putting them off til December every year, since I always give three or four ornaments as gifts), and then switch to a bigger project...but I don't know whether to go back to Gypsy, pull out Land of Enchantment again, or start back on A Mother's Arms.
Really, what I want to do is start Mirabilia's The Stargazer as a color conversion on one of my own fabrics, but that would be bad. I have too many WIPs as it is. Bad Rose, bad. No new starts for you.
But that's what I REALLY wanna do....

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