Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm supposed to be working on the fifth ornament in Teresa Wentzler's 12 Days of Christmas series; when I started Land of Enchantment at the beginning of January, the deal I made with myself was that I would stitch 2 pages and then get at least a little bit done on Day 5. I'm stitching the ornaments for my brother and his wife, and I always put it off until the last minute and end up having to mail it a few days after Christmas. Well, when I finished page 2 of Land of Enchantment, I started rummaging through my WIPs and pulled out Chatelaine's Convent Herbal Garden, which I hadn't worked on in well over a year (actually, I'm afraid it's been more like 2+ years). So I worked on that for a bit, but wasn't having much fun, and told myself that now I'd start the ornament. But when I put the Chatelaine away, I spotted Fairy Flora, which I literally have not touched in at least 3 years. I stopped working on it because there were so many errors, and I didn't have the motivation to do extensive frogging. But after looking over it, I decided that the errors weren't really that noticeable (I asked my daughter to find them, and she couldn't), so I started stitching on her again.

Really, I should have done about half of the ornament and have moved on to Gypsy by now, but so much for good intentions. I'm going to work on Fairy Flora for a bit and then pull out Gypsy, because I want to finish her this year and have yet to put in a single stitch. Maybe I'll get to the ornament by September...

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