Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fabric overload

Since I don't currently own a serger, I found someone on Craigslist to serge the cross stitch fabric I was planning to dye. She came by Saturday and serged the 20+ pieces, and today I started dyeing them! I also dyed a couple of little purses and pouches that I got from Dharma Trading. I actually wasn't able to get everything dyed today...I forgot how loooong it can take. So I still have five more pieces to dye tomorrow, plus some muslin I want to dye to use in making gift bags or something like that.

Here's a pic of a few of the pieces after dyeing and rinsing, before I tossed them in the washing machine:

The greens didn't come out the way I'd wanted them to...I think it's because I used my new Caribbean Blue dye, which made the green a little too vivid. Some of the pieces turned out waaaay too bright for my taste; there are only one or two pieces in this batch that I'm tempted to keep for myself. I'm really happy with the new purple dye, though. Lookee lookee!

Dyeing's the fun part...what I hate is taking pictures/scanning everything and getting it posted on ebay and/or etsy. But since that's sort of the whole point, I'd better get cracking...


  1. That purple is simply yummy. Love how it goes from dark to light.

  2. Thanks! I'm just so impressed with this new dye...before, I was mixing my own purple shade and it was always too red...

  3. I really love how your purple came out! I tried dying one day and almost dyed all of my fabric. It's so much fun!