Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Ted

We're in the midst of moving, so there's even more crap lying around than usual. Today I cleaned out my cross stitch cupboard, a pretty little storage thing my husband bought me a few years back, telling me with innocent optimism that I could use it to store my cross stitch supplies (it holds about 1/14th of them). Among the things that were left lying out on the table was my telescoping magnet that I use to pick up needles I've dropped on the floor. Hubby grabbed it and claimed it was HIS telescoping magnet that he uses to grab bolts and nails and other man-things. I explained that no, it was mine, and when he asked me what I needed it for I explained that I used it to get needles - "I just wave my magic wand," I said, "and it calls them to it."

Hubby then gave me a look of utter bewilderment. "WHAT did you say?" he asked. I repeated myself, and the bewilderment was replaced by relief. "Oh, okay," he said. "I thought you said that you waved the magnet at the needles and it called them Ted."

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