Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Tarot - Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (HAED)

It is bad, bad, bad for me to start a new stitching project. I have way too many WIPs already, and never mind all the other crafty projects on the back burner (I'm still playing with chainmaille, and I'm going to try to make some needle-felted snowman ornaments this week). But I heard a lot of great things about the 30-count linen from Passione Ricamo, so of course I had to order a couple of pieces to see for myself, and of course once I had it I had to test it out, right? It'd be downright wasteful not to!! And what better way to test it out than by starting a new Heaven and Earth Designs project?

I feel semi-virtuous for choosing World Tarot, because it's a small piece as HAED pieces go (meaning I should be able to complete it in under 350 hours, as opposed to the 600-700 hours I'll have logged into Gypsy once she's done). Plus, I really had to start another piece by Law, because she's one of my favorite artists and I loved how Lady of the Ginkos turned out, and I'm not stitching any of her charts right now (gasp! such an oversight! had to be remedied!).

Here's the original artwork of the piece:

and here's my progress so far - 20 rows done in just under a week:

Aren't those greens just to die for?

I've put her back in the storage box with all her little friends for now, and am currently working on Land of Enchantment. Hoping to get a full page done on that in the next couple of weeks...there's a lot of black on this page so it's going quickly.


  1. You have made great progress on World Tarot. Love the colours in this one.

  2. That is a gorgeous design and a great start!! Can't wait to see this one grow.

  3. I have had a look at your site. Really good work done. I just read about the spread and there are experiences closer home also. ty love tarot