Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chain Maille

So I decided that I really needed to learn how to make chainmaille. I just love the way the weaves look, and they make such gorgeous necklaces and bracelets.
After looking over a few tutorials, I decided that it was probably easier than it looked, and I made my first two pair of earrings relatively quickly:

Then I decided to move on to the more complicated weaves, and discovered that no, it's not really easier than it looks. In fact, it's harder than it looks. But it's still a whole lot of fun to play with, and I did finally make a slightly more complex pair of earrings (no photo of them yet) which I'm quite proud of. The main difficulty is figuring out which ring sizes to use, because you have to calculate not only the basic diameter but also the thickness and the inner diameter.
Anyway, I plan to keep playing around with it, and may post a tutorial at some point in the future, because there aren't many free tutorials out there for chain maille jewelry.

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