Thursday, November 18, 2010


okay, well, I don't really have time to blog right now, but I NEVER have time and I am really annoyed with myself for never blogging, so just a couple of random notes.

I've been making felted acorns! They're really fun to make (and easy). We don't have an oak tree nearby so I bought some acorn caps off of Etsy. I've made a few sales, and also added a needle felted acorn kit to my newest shop, and it's going to be featured on a DIY Gift Guide on a blog (a real blog, not a pretend blog like mine, ha ha) on Monday. Yippeee! The blog is Obsessions of a Renaissance Woman

Here are my little white acorns; aren't they cute?

I have also started making little rings. These are quite addictive because they're so simple to make, and even though I'm probably too old to wear stuff like this, they're totally my style and I love looking at them.

they're in my EclecticGarden etsy shop.

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