Tuesday, April 5, 2011

craft fair

I'm doing a craft fair this weekend! Or rather, it's actually called a flea market, and will be a mix of vintage and handcrafted items. I'm excited as this is my first attempt at a craft fair since my completely disastrous Rose Bowl Flea Market experience a few years back. (I made one sale). (For $2).

Anyway, it's being hosted by Native LA, and I'll be selling my stamped jewelry, regular jewelry, soaps and craft kits. And maybe some buttons, too. I'm actually bringing an extra table so I don't have all my stuff crammed together, though I'm going to feel pretty silly if I have two huge tables and no customers.

Here's the link to the flea market info -- it's this Saturday, the 9th, from 2 - 8 -- just in case anyone local happens to stumble across this post: Flea Market Info

Fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there, hope your flea market/craft fair went well! Just dropping by to say your work on Etsy is absolutely gorgeous :) x