Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have not been very good about blogging lately, and while I can fairly point to the fact that I have very little free time these days as an excuse, I think the truth is closer to this: I haven't been cross-stitching, and that depresses me so much that I avoid my blog because it's a reminder to me that my stitching projects are just sitting there gathering dust. True, I don't think of this blog as a stitching-only blog, but that has been its primary focus and it's really depressing to see the pictures of projects that have been so sadly neglected.

Part of it is little Kate; I would never for a second complain about how much time she takes up, not after battling infertility for four long years, but nevertheless, I had forgotten just how MUCH time a baby takes up. Also, I have pretty much lost my main source of income (selling items on eBay), which means that my crafting time has to be focused on making items I hope to sell, rather than stitching away on my lovely HAEDs or the Mirabilia I'm stitching for Kate. I still sell my own items on eBay (in fact I just made a sale from Faery Fire Fabrics, and the customer found me through an eBay listing, yay!), but I was also selling items for someone else, and the pay was pretty good. But he finally became fed up with eBay's new policies and restrictions, so, at least for now, that job is over.

I did state at the very beginning that this was a whiny post.

I just miss cross stitching. Oh, and I'm fat. Since I'm whining anyway.

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