Sunday, April 19, 2009

settling in...

Moving is probably lots more fun when you can afford to pay someone to haul all your endless boxes of craft junk over to the new place, and unpack them in an organized manner. But what keeps me from being frustrated with how long this whole 'settling in' business is taking is the fact that A) I love our new house, B) We no longer have to deal with a landlord and C) I finally have my own office!
Now if I could just get it organized...

Here's a pic of the office before we started to move in:

and here it is with all my endless clutter (check out my awesome closet):

I have actually unpacked all but two or three of my 'office' boxes now (well, except for the ones I stuck out in the garage, heh), but it still looks so wretched that I'll hold off on posting an 'after' picture til I get things looking a little more reasonable.


  1. I hate moving...LOL. Good luck with all the unpacking and sorting things out.

  2. I think organization is an ever-lasting project! Everytime I "get organized" I buy more stuff or get a new crafty toy and have to start over again!
    You'll get it all put together in time :)